About Open Proxy Project (OProxy)

Open Proxy Project

Updated proxies every 15 minutes!


Link to Platform: OProxy.ml

Link to Web app source: midhunvnadh/OpenProxy

What is a Proxy?

A proxy server lets you access the internet through that proxy. So if certain content is banned in your content, access it through a proxy, the server will think that you in that other country, and you will be able to view the content.

Sometimes content is banned for bad reasons sometimes for good reasons. It could be that the content is being censored in your country, it could be that the web site does not follow the law in your country, for example it is not GDPR compliant. In either can a proxy can help you to see the content.

Of course proxies consume band width, and so we never have enough of them. If you want to help fight censorship, please offer to host a proxy. You can find the software and installation instructions here.

Proxy Credits

  1. github.com/TheSpeedX
  2. github.com/jetkai
  3. github.com/RX4096
  4. github.com/UptimerBot
  5. github.com/MuRongPIG
  6. github.com/ShiftyTR
  7. github.com/proxy4parsing
  8. github.com/hookzof
  9. github.com/manuGMG
  10. github.com/mertguvencli
  11. github.com/monosans
  12. github.com/saschazesiger